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No Poo Newbie!
daimere wrote in no_poo
Hello!  I've been hearing about this no poo thing for a while and thanks to laziness, I started it.  

My usually routine was wash my hair with sulfate free shampoo and sometimes conditioner two times a week.  Every now and again, I would deep condition.  Usually I'm too much in a hurry to condition.  I chemically dye my hair normal colors and crazy colors.  I have really bad dandruff.  The reason why I only wash my hair twice a week cause it would help me.  When my hair is colored crazy, I only wash my hair maybe once a week.  I find the less frequent washings and sulfate free shampoos helped me keep color (along with filler treatment and after color treatments).  My hair is wavy (that ugly wave that really isn't a curl nor straight enough to be straight), coarse, and thick.

So I started my first two weeks not washing my hair.  My hair eventually seemed to even out into not being complete bother.  I did a baking soda and ACV wash.  My dandruff seemed better but still flakes but not as bad.  I have tea tree oil. WIll that help? It felt stiff the first time and takes longer to dry.  I tried less baking soda and it was better the last two times.  But I just don't know the correct ration of baking soda to start with.  I start with a cup and just pour.  I added a ton the first time.  I just pour till it feels right.  With ACV, I put a cap full in a cup.

Here's my questions:
1.  Will I ever be able to use products again?  I sometimes like to set my hair using setting lotion to making it curly.  And I like using glitter hair spray in my hair when I'm going out. Will that mess it all up?  
2.  I'm going to be swimming a lot in a few weeks at camp.  What do I do?  Just rinse? Just ACV? 
3.  Will baking soda strip my hair color?
4.  How can I store it instead of making new batches every time?
5.  When I use hair color removers that say "shampoo, rinse, shampoo again." What do I do?
6.  When I dye my hair, I use a protein filler before coloring and then I seal it with a solution that I just understand will close the hair cuticle.  Is this bad for no poo?

I think that may be all my questions for now.  Thank you everyon!

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General dilution for BS is a tablespoon or less: 1 cup of water. Some people use 2 cups of water, a lot of people use a few drops of TTO in their baking soda. I didn't like the way BS made my hair feel so a year in I'm using a TTO dilution and then a citrus rinse. Same general dilution for ACV. More brushing can help dandruff as well.

1 idk anything about using product, I'm not a product user and seldom was before no poo anyway.
2 I've been told that if you wet your hair before swimming it absorbs less chlorine but I'm sure we have a tag for that.
3 yes too much BS can lighten your hair
4 leave it in the shower just like you would shampoo
5 I would use whatever you are using in place of shampoo, so if that is BS use it twice but I think the focus should be rinsing very, very well
6 and acid rinse like ACV DOES close your cuticle, that is why you are supposed to finish with an acid rinse. I don't know anything about the protein filler, what is in it?

Do you mind telling me what your ration of TTO dilution is? And your citrus rinse? I've just switched to those (though I've still used the BS with the TTO as I didn't realize the TTO would be enough on it's own) and I would appreciate a reference point.

i got an applicator bottle from ricky's and i dont know exactly how big it is but im sure it holds at least 2 cups of water. i put a tiny amount in maybe a tsp? i dont measure and fill w warm water. it turns all cloudy white when its warm but since i use this until it done w its only warm on the first day. i wet my hair from the roots w this and then massage scalp/comb etc. then ive got like a cup of oj with a shot of lemon or lime juice, no water. i rinse my tto hair w this and repeat scalp comb stuff. then i rinse with cool to cold water. again i dont really measure too closely

1. Yes, you can use products, but you have to check labels and make sure they have no silicone in them (anything that ends in "cone"). Herbal Essences, Garnier Fructis, Some Aussie products and LA sports gel, are all drugstore brands that have cone free products. ALWAYS check the label, though, you never know if they've changed the formula, or if they put out a product with cones in them.
2. Wet your hair THOROUGHLY before going into the pool, this will prevent your hair from absorbing chlorine. The best way to protect your hair, though, is to invest in a swimming cap. It'll make you look a bit silly, but at least your hair won't be as dry as the sahara by the end of your camp. Just wet your hair, then tuck it into a cap and your hair will be safe. Afterwards, just rinse it off with water and then do an ACV rinse.
3. Yes, bs opens the cuticle, which can allow hair to escape. The no-poo method isn't too friendly to those who color their hair, but I'm sure you can find some color-friendly methods in one of the tags. ACV will also affect your hair color, since it tends to bring out coppery red tones in your hair. The best way to have healthy hair, though, is to stop coloring it all together, Chemical dyes make your hair more porous, which leads to more frizz/flyaways and prevents hair from retaining moisture (or even hair color, since the hair strand is like a strainer with just one giant hole).
4. Invest in some kind of spray bottle, or anything that you can use to squirt liquid into your hair, then just create large batches of your rinses and keep them in the shower. The basic formula for bs is 1tbsp to 1 cup of water (same goes for acv). You might want to lower the bs by like a 1/4th of a tbsp each time you do a rinse (you should be rinsing no more than twice per week, really) until you find the formula that is best for your hair.
5. You can try looking for sulfate and cone free shampoos, and just use those when you color your hair. These type of shampoos are still no-poo friendly and won't mess up your routine.
6. It's hard to determine if it's no-poo friendly without knowing all of the ingredients in there. However, you have to find out whether or your hair likes protein. Some people have too much protein in their hair, so products with protein just make the hair stiff and frizzy. A common way to figure out if your hair likes protein is by wetting a single strand of hair, then slowly stretching it, if the strand doesn't stretch at all before breaking, you have too much protein and need to start avoiding it for a while. If the strand stretches more than twice it's normal size, you're over conditioned and NEED more protein. If the hair stretches a bit less than half it's length, and makes a snap sound when it breaks, it's probably in a good middle zone between moisture and protein. As for sealing the cuticle, ACV does this as well, so you can try substituting it for the other one.
Since you say that your waves aren't all that there, it's probably because they're under moisturized and BS might end up drying them more. You can check out the curly girl method on the curl talk forums. It's specific for girls with curly hair.

So, my hair seemed to have stabilized to AWESOME proportions right before camp. Either it was the hard camp water, swimming and what not that ruined my hair. And I really should measure my BS. Either way after swimming a few weeks ago my hair has been awful. I'm not sure if it's resetting itself or what (because this seems so much worse). Or I may have to do what the curlyhair guide thing said and use a shampoo one more time after swimming. Either way, I just did an applesauce, honey, and whatever else treatments. Although last night I did finally look at the curly girl routine and I'm trying plopping as we speak. Although with my sulfate free shampoos (I only ever used conditioner once-twice a month cause I'm lazy), after my last hair cut, I was just washing and leaving the house while it air dried. It would have cute curl/waviness. But I don't get any of these waves with no poo. I really want to continue no poo cause my dandruff isn't falling out of my head which I LOVE. Even with this caked build up, I love not having dandruff flaking off in huge chunks. So I'm pretty sure I can't go back to shampoo.

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