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Hair Lightening
nnnph wrote in no_poo
So I some of you use different things to adjust your hair color, and I think I'd like mine lighter.
A few questions:

Probably 5 years ago I lightened my hair with lemon juice. Although at the time I was straightening the heck out of my hair, I think it dried out my hair (Although, like I said, it could have been the straightening.) What have you found to work the best to lighten your hair? 

Also, if I decide to stop lightening my hair, will it blend well? Or will there be an obvious difference from my lightened and unlightened hair? 

Thanks in advance!

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Lemon juice could have dried out your hair if you applied a lot of it. I often use fresh lemon to treat skin problems, but it only gets drying when I overdo it. Hair is more fragile, though. I recommend conditioning after each application of lemon juice. Assuming you sit with your lemony hair in the sun to accelerate the bleaching process, condition once you're finished there.

Honey when diluted in distilled water (distilled because the minerals in tap water might cancel the peroxide effect) is also supposed to lighten hair, it works as a natural peroxide, and it also conditions it. You have to do it several times before seeing results if your hair is dark, and people even leave it overnight. I tried with a recipe i found on different forums but my problem with this method is that it's hard to avoid getting some on the floor and then all your home is sticky. And at night I put a plastic bag on my pillow and then a towel over the plastic so i dont put honey all over it when i move, but I was hardly able to sleep with the noise of the plastic and all the stuff on my head I just wasnt comfortable, maybe one of those dog's pee pads would have been a better idea than the plastic if i had any.
Anyway, lemon is much easier to do, i just thought honey would probably be more effective so i wanted to try, and maybe it is more effective, I just dont feel like doing this again and all the cleaning i had after it, so i don't know since one time was not enough. Another easy solution is a chamomile leave-in rinse after washing your hair.

I might revisit the honey recipe to make it cleaner though and try again when I feel like it cause i still would like to see if it can have a real result on my hair, which would be great. ;)

I never tried, but heared, that camommile lighten hair

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