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hair's doing great but doesnt smell good
helloagainnn wrote in no_poo
hey guys
i've gone no poo since may 2012, tried the bs + acv method but dried out my hair and left it waxy so i did an egg wash once which got rid of the waxiness so i've been water only ever since.

one thing i cant stand is the smell of my hair when its dried. it smells very musty and greasy as though i was in a kitchen deep frying food the entire day.
i've never had issues with the smell of acv so i'm not its not because of that.
i've tried infusing essential oils into my once a month rosemary tea rinse, but the weird smell comes back after a few days of WO.
and i've even tried mixing EO with water to spray onto my hair directly. still didnt help much

im not asking for the smell of herbal essences or other shampoos i just want my hair to smell fresh as i'm very conscious about it (not sure if others can smell it). i've to mention that my hair smelled faintly like that during the period when i was still using commercial shampoos, my hair could never smell nice i've no idea why :(
if it helps i have very coarse and thick hair thats straight.
Has anyone experienced this or knows what i'm talking about? Hopefully its not the natural smell of my hair which will totally be weird,

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Do you filter or otherwise treat the water in any way before washing? And how's the indoor air? The musty smell in your hair may come from poor-quality water or air. Just something to consider.

It's very dry here in New England during the winter and I've found that my hair dries much faster and doesn't smell as much. If you hair does not dry quickly, perhaps you can try to speed the process along with a hairdryer on a cool air setting?

If your hair smells really terrible (ie stinks), it's possible you have a bacterial infection. This can happen to any of us, so don't feel bad. Sometimes, when our cells and follicles adjust to no 'poo, an imbalance can occur, allowing bacteria to enter the hair shaft. You may have to go back to shampoo for a while (SLS free) or use shampoo bars to cleanse the hair carefully but properly. You can then go back to no 'poo, making sure to add a last rinse with cold water to close the hair shaft.

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