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Witch Hazel
loveexhumed wrote in no_poo
I don't see this discussed here often, but wanted to share a really helpful tip: witch hazel! I put it in a spray bottle and use it either just before a WO wash or in-between washes for a pickmeup. It's really great at cutting oiliness, and with a bit of added EOs, doesn't smell bad at all.

Just wanted to share in case someone was looking for an alternative solution to dry shampoo, vinegar, etc.

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Thank you! I will try this. An unforeseen problem with my wonderful dry shampoo: remnants of the dark brown powder pretty much live under my fingernails from any time I scratch my scalp, fix my hair, etc. Uuuuggghhh. D: (I adore this product, but ugh.)

sorry to butt in but I had a wonderful dry shampoo (aka cornstarch) experience today, I thought you might be interested. Dark hair, here.
I used the following application method [go to "How to use the airing powder"]:

Thanks for the link! The thing is, I can use a light powder and have my hair look grey all day (and have white powder on my predominantly black clothes), or I can use a dark powder that blends perfectly but shows strongly under my fingernails. XD The method described there looks excellent and I will definitely save it for future reference, but it isn't so much a method issue as simply the nature of the thing.

Admittedly, the Nanny Pauline method seems a lot more costly and finicky than the product I've been using--which, aside from the remnants blackening my nails, is superb.

I might have to try this. Thanks!

I second this! When I'm near the end of my wash cycle, sometimes I get scalp itchiness on the back of my head. I like to lift up the length of my hair and spray witch hazel on the itchy areas--it not only feels soothing, it cuts the oiliness as well. I also use it on my legs after shaving, and on my face if I have any blemishes. (When my complexion is clear, I use rose water, which I also use on my hair for de-frizzing near the beginning of my wash cycle). Anyway, witch hazel has many uses, and Thayer's brand with lavender and aloe smells nice, too:

Note: I dilute with about 6 parts distilled water to 1 part Thayer's.

Sorry new to the whole no poo thing. What does WO stand for?

Water Only.

Not sure why there isn't a sticky post on this journal about acronyms.

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