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Been no poo for over a year and still struggling with dandruff
gauraprema wrote in no_poo
Hi everyone!
I've been no poo for over a year now and while my hair looks great in general, I still have huge dandruff issues.
Here is my current routine : I wash once a week with 1/2 tsp BS and rinse with black tea and 1 tbsp WV, and once a week with 2 egg yolks, using the same black tea / WV rinse.
So far I've experimented with ACV (gives me a waxy buildup), Tea tree Oil (irritates my scalp) and lemon juice (burning feeling). I sometimes scratch my scalp with a comb to remove the dandruff before hopping in the shower but it's rather painful and doesn't seem to be solving the problem.
I had dandruff before I went no poo, as well as an itchy scalp. It all stopped when I quit using shampoo but the dandruff came back (worse than ever I must say) about 9 months ago.

Is there really nothing else one can do about dandruff??

My hair is on the greasy side though I try to avoid over-washing it. I used to use 1 tsp BS but I feel this is too harsh and has a similar effect as regular shampoo, as it literally strips all my hair from its natural oils.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Try Dove white bar soap as a shampoo it's molecularly mild surfactant cant penetrate hair or skin and is the cleanest rinsing. Not very sudsy but great results

No offense but using soap in my hair seems contrary to the whole no poo concept

Dove is not actually considered soap it's completely sulfate free, it's worth a try unless your purely politically motivated

That's too bad about the tea tree oil. It's unusual for it to irritate the skin so much, but it does happen to some people. Since even lemon juice creates a burning feeling, personally, I'd wonder if there was some kind of minor infection going on. I'd be really careful when trying any of the following remedies, just on a small area of the scalp.

I have this great herbal book by Barbara Griggs with a chapter on beauty. She recommends this treatment before shampooing:
"grate a piece of fresh ginger root and squeeze out the juice into an equal quantity of sesame oil. Section the hair bit by bit and apply the oil all over the scalp. Wrap a warm towel round your head and leave on for as long as possible before shampooing out." I am guessing you don't do this every time you shampoo, just when you need it. Ginger kills all kinds of nasties that grow on the scalp (one theory for the cause of dandruff), and stimulates healthy hair growth, but if your scalp is somehow raw, it could also burn.

Stinging nettles is another herbal remedy; the juice or the tea, used as a scalp rub. Handy, since they grow like weeds in some places. The tea doesn't sting, just the live plant.

Other essential oils that are good for dandruff are rosemary, lemon, lime, birch, basil, thyme, cypress, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, sage.
This comes from a book on essential oils by Valerie Ann Worwood:
add to 4 oz shampoo to break up the crusty layer and stimulate healing:
18 drops rosemary, 10 drops thyme, 8 drops sage.
Maybe you could try that in your BS mixture, or make a faux shampoo out of diluted castile soap and add it to that until the dandruff is under control?

Thank you for your comment and advice.

The dermatologist told me my dandruff was cause by a fungus that is present on everyone and feeds on sebum. His advice was to wash my hair everyday, and I'm doing quite the opposite..
I used to apply TTO on my face years ago but eventually my skin started reacting to it and it hasn't gone back since.
I've also used nettles tea and rosemary tea in my hair during a few months, with no results. I'm kind of lazy now, trying to reduce the steps in my hair-washing ritual and keep it simple.
I've been putting rosemary and lavender oils in my BS mix as well, but I didn't know these other ones you listed could help, so I might give them a try.

I might consider an oil treatment with ginger juice, though like you said there's a high possibility it will burn. I read coconut oil is really good too.

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You're welcome. Good luck! I hope you find something that helps. That essential oils book is really great, I highly recommend it.

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