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I have some questions?
dakotanicole17 wrote in no_poo
When you start, it says you will have a transition phase. How often should you wash your hair? I tried every 2 nights. but, When ever i shower, my roots feel dry but the top is still oily?my hair is so greasy that the next morning after i wash it, its gross.Should the baking soda & water be a paste? Mine is watery and its hard to squirt it where i want too. Could I make a paste instead? The vinegar part, can i switch to lemon juice or honey, or both. I cant stand the smell? sorry for all the questions. lol What is better for oily hair, lemon juice or white vinegar?

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Here is the breakdown of what I do:

Once a month, on a greasy hair day, I warm up my roots with a blowdryer and run a boar bristle brush (I'm sure is a plastic knockoff) through small sections of hair to pull down the natural oils.

I have 2 empty 32oz Powerade bottles. Each bottle gets me 4 applications. 16 days.
Bottle 1- shampoo, I funnel in 1/3 cup baking soda, about a tsp. of sulfate free shampoo, and about 3 drops of tea tree EO. Then fill with distilled water.
Bottle 2- conditioner, I funnel in 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar, and about 5 drops tea tree oil, then fill with distilled water.
It works out to be just slightly over 1 Tbsp. per cup ratio, perfect for me.

In the shower I shake the mixture right before pouring it into an 8oz cleansing squeeze bottle. Otherwise the BS settles on the bottom.
I apply the BS solution directly to the scalp in several places, let it sit a minute then run my fingers through it rubbing the scalp- It should feel slimy!!! Rinse it out, Then apply the ACV solution away from the scalp let it sit while I shave, then rinse.

In between washings every 4 days I keep my hair dry using a swimcap. I use suave dry shampoo for touch ups and leave-in-conditioning spray on the ends.

Yeah, you can use lemon juice and honey instead of vinegar. And it's whatever works best for your hair.
Some people make a paste, but I feel like it's easy to use too much that way. Maybe search: "baking soda paste hair wash" to see how much and how other people wash that way.
And if you have problems, maybe try to start stretching the days between shampoo washes and start trying to dilute your shampoo.
And does it look gross or just feel gross? Are people other than yourself going to touch your hair? Because if it just feels kinda gross and if you're the only one that's going to know then the transition phase is about trying to ignore the grossness.
I don't know if I ever had a transition. I just went from washing my hair every three days with shampoo to washing with baking soda every 3 days if I don't stretch it out to every 5 or 6 days with corn starch as a dry shampoo. I was also doing acv rinses for over a year before I switched to washing with baking soda.

I found baking soda and vinegar didn't work with my hair so I have been using lemon juice pretty much forever.

I also use honey and tea tree oil on occasion

I would not recommend using a BS paste. If your hair feels dry now, a stronger BS solution will only make it dryer. Try using an old shampoo bottle to apply your BS solution so you can squirt it exactly where you need it. I have always found that applying it to dry hair makes a big difference. As for the vinegar, you will have to experiment switching it with lemon juice and other rinses to see what works for you. Adding honey might make your hair softer.

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