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Apple cider vinegar
mama2lala wrote in no_poo
I just realized I haven't been using real apple cider vinegar! It's apple cider naturally flavored distilled grain vinegar with caramel color. I haven't had a problem with it but I'm curious what the difference would be. I'm pretty disappointed by the product labeling. They are both the same 5% acidity is that all that matters? Some even use lemon juice also 5%. Do I need to fork out the buck$ to get the organic unfiltered yadayada to get better results?

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nah. I use all kinds of acidic rinses and it makes no difference to me. Today I used 'kombucha vinegar' and I don't really see a difference :)

I don't really get a difference between acv and white vinegar, that I can tell. Probably lemon juice, too, but I haven't compared it to vinegar. Although I don't think tea was acidic enough, it's been a while (camomile definitely not, maybe black tea but not sure). I need to try lime and coffee.

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