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no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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I read an article in the paper this morning with advice for healthy hair in the summer and frizz...
thank you banna!
secret_gyoza wrote in no_poo
I could not believe that it actually recommended Silicons for hair health!

Seriously, shocked!

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They weren't talking about "hair that looks healthy", even?

suggestions on how to help "tame frizzy hair"

Flat ironing or straightening treatments might cause long term damage to the cuticle. Conditioning regularly is best but be conscious of the types of products you are using. Shampoo and Conditioner with amino silicons and cationic surfactants are ideal for treating hair. Silicons fill in gaps in the cuticle and surfactants fill in cuticle to restore natural smoothness and quality.

cherry picked but quotes.

Ow. That is atrocious. XD Silicon only temporarily masks damage!

yeah when I read it I was like I must share this with someone who understands! and unfortunately there are so few that do and that is why columns like that don't get real responses

I'll never go back to using silicones, but goddamn, my hair never looked better than after a good old Frizz Ease application.

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