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Austin, Texas summer
fluffycupcake wrote in no_poo
So, I think it has been four months since I started going no-poo. For a long time, things were very good. But then the summer hit, and now I am washing my hair every three days if I can even manage that, and I also dyed my hair three months ago or so, so I have been feeling like my hair is looking dry and miserable. So recently I have been using a hair mask of 1 egg, 1Tbsp coconut oil, 1Tbsp olive oil and a whole banana. The first time I used it, I sat outside in this Texas heat for an hour and washed it out after that hour, and it looked GREAT! Massive, shiny, perfect. But the second time I did it, I didn't use heat so my hair looked mediocre.

Anyway, right now I am being lazy and not measuring how much of BS I dilute or ACV, I just wing it, and maybe that it my problem. I also never used Prell or anything before I started doing BS/ACV once a week for three weeks I think and then I didn't wash my hair for a whole month (though I used LUSH dry shampoo).

Anyway, this is disjointed, but if I am to use Prell get rid of what buildup I probably have, how much should I use/should I dilute it? Does anyone have tricks for hard water/southern US summer hair? Do you have any tricks for more voluminous hair?

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Fellow Texan here.

If the water is hard, boil it first. Then mix it with the BS immediately after boiling. That should do the trick.

We've had loads of triple-digit days here too. I still get by washing once a week. (And my hair is massively thick, and I sweat buckets.) Try WO and witch hazel on the in-between days.

Just my $0.02.

Cool! Do you just spray your hair with witch hazel and brush it out? I've never used witch hazel on my hair! Thanks for the help :)

Yep! Sometimes I spray on the witch hazel and comb right before a WO wash. Sometimes, I just use it on it's own. Or, invest in a nice dry shampoo if that doesn't work for you. :-)

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