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A look behind the scenes
sammmy_bear wrote in no_poo
I've been no-poo for two years, I have dark curly hair that's finally reached my butt :) I found traditional no-poo recipes difficult to work with so I use xantham and guar gums as thickening agents and also herbs and fun things.

Here's some of my fun (I tried to "cut" this post, but I'm not good at using livejournal and I'm not sure if it's gonna work):


The basic premise of the conditioner is that it is acidic. In the most basic way this is achieved by adding vinegar to water. I add herbs and spices as well.

Here's what I picked from the garden this morning.
(Clockwise from top right)

  • Mint for its deodorising properties, for dandruff, hair growth, dry hair...

  • Lavender is soothing, prevents itchiness, dandruff, hair loss, promotes hair growth and because it smells nice :)

  • Parsley is for dandruff

  • Rosemary for darker hair, hair growth

  • Lemon and Lime leaves for their acidity, good for dry scalps, dandruff, cleansing the scalp and hair loss (also help with golden tones in hair). Not as irritating as the juices. This will be used in my rinse, not in the conditioner product.


Then I boil the water on the stove...


Crush a few cardamom pods (mainly for the scent)


Add the cardamom once the water has started to boil and simmer them for a while...


Chop my herbs for the conditioner up to help release their goodness


Turn off the heat to the boiled water and add some tea, if I feel like it.


And add the chopped herbs...


And leave it to steep and cool. (oops, that burner should've already been turned off in that previous picture!)


Once cooled, use a sieve to separate the mushy herbs from the good liquid (making sure to squeeze out all the liquid I can get!)

Then blend it all up to make the final product with the

  • Extra acids - generally I use Tarragon steeped Apple Cider Vinegar (though some people prefer using White vinegar or Lemon juice)

  • Vegetable gums as thickening agents

  • Tea tree oil for its anti dandruff abilities, as a preservative and for its scent and

  • Vodka (as a preservative, I swear!)


The basic premise of our new shampoo is that it is basic (as in it has a pH of over 7)

This one's much easier. Just add bicarb soda!


And the gums, essential oils and preservatives again, blah di blah blah and..


I discovered that I wasn't getting my scalp back to its natural acidity with just the conditioner (which I mainly use on the lengths of my hair, not my scalp). So, a rinse made from lemon and lime leaves, parsley and a few extra herbs helps balance the pH of my scalp back down to about 6.5 where it should be.

Simply boil the kettle, chop these up a bit and steep overnight. Strain before your shower and use this as a final rinse after you condition your hair. It's just a cold tea, really.

My hair had had horrible flaky dandruff but it seems to be calming down now that I'm using the rinses again. It's all about getting the scalp back to the right pH :)


And that's all folks!

(Unless I'm feeling a bit more adventurous and add any myriad of extras that I keep in jars in my cupboard!!)

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I love the look of your various wash methods. So fresh! right from the garden!

That's awesome! So do you use your shampoo, conditioner, and then finish with your rinse? Also, did you notice any differences in your hair after you started no poo?

Edited at 2013-08-30 01:01 pm (UTC)

Yep. Go see my latest post in the "day in the life" section. It describes exactly what I do and recommend :)

I haven't actually noticed a lot of changes, but it's been a while and so maybe I just don't remember. I keep my hair in plaits 99% of the time, so changes might be less noticeable. I have noticed it's growing pretty fast though!

This is what my hair is looking like at the moment, in case you're wondering :)


Thank you for the extremely valuable post. The pictures really help, too. (And I love your shirt.)

Haha, that's "impersonate" with daleks dressed up as three of the doctors :)

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