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fromahippie wrote in no_poo
Hi fist time poster here!

Well i've gone No Poo for over a month. Last time I used shampoo was August 15th.

First I tried the BS+WV mixes to wash and rinse.At first, I was surprised how nice & clean my hair actually looked. Then i realized that my hair was a bit static-y and dry so i played around. I also tried using coconut oil on ends but it was not v good, now it was too oily and kind of gross.
As time passed, I noticed my scalp got greasy the day after washing but I tried to extend the days of not washing my hair so instead I used talcum powder and dry shampoo and it looked slightly better but not perfect. I changed from White Vinegar rinse to Lemon Juice + bit of honey and it is less drying and it looks better.

But a month passed and I havent felt a lot of changes, meaning that my hair keeps getting oily as hell. If i up the BS, my hair gets dry and static-y.
Earlier today, i did a WO wash with a citrus rinse. After my hair dried, my scalp/roots looks a bit oily & dirty. It's not too noticeable but I am not a fan of how it looks.

I don't know what to do now. I am not very patient and I am such a newbie at this stuff so, help me, i guess? I don't want to go back to square one (using shampoo again). Maybe i should try for sulphate free shampoo for a pick me up?

About my hair: I have slightly wavy hair (it's 2a), it's mid-back length, fiine hair but kind of heavy & big.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh thank you for the tips!!
I am going to try the sea salt thing next time I wash my hair.

Hey! That weird combination of "my hair is too dry" from one day to "my hair is too oily" to the next is totally part of the transition process. It's too soon to be using coconut oil from what you said, and maybe too early to stop entirely on the baking soda. So you obviously don't need more oil right now since your scalp is producing enough, which means *use* that oil to condition your hair by brushing your hair with a boar-bristle brush to get the oils all the way down to your dry ends. Meanwhile keep the baking soda doses as low as you think you can, and try to wash with it only once a week, with acid rinses or WO washes in between. Your aim is to eventually get the BS washes down to once every month/two months/three months. Putting the solution directly onto my dry head before turning on the shower, massaging the scalp and then rinsing out with the shower did wonders for me and stopped it from getting down to my already dry ends. Lemon and honey (a natural humectant - retains moisture) is a great way to treat your ends, make sure you dont get too much of it on your scalp for now though, till your scalp sorts itself out. Eventually though your scalp will need a more regular acid wash to settle its ph against all the alkaline soda usage.

Also, find some quick "oily hair" hair styles that can tide your over the bad days. A wide hairband maybe, or lots of clips, braiding your hair the night before so it looks crimped and has more volume in the morning.

Transition phase sucks, but I'm three years in now and my own very fine hair has never been healthier or stronger in my life. Stick with it if you can. But also don't feel bad if you decide to just go SLS 'cone paraben free instead. Part of the process is figuring out what will work best for you. Sounds like you're well on your way.

thank you for your insight, really!

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