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the no 'poo method

no, we're not constipated. yeah, we get that alot.

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Alternates to BS?
donalbain_ wrote in no_poo
Hi No Poo,

Y'all are such a great community that I got off my butt and logged into LJ after three years just to make this post.

I've been a BS/ACV No Poo'er for about 4 months now, starting back in July. I have kinda coarse and a loooot of thick, somewhat straight, somewhat wavy black hair that would get oily on the second day after shampooing. (It's hard to describe. I'm Asian, but my hair has never looked super straight or sleek. It can get kinda frizzy/kinky at times.) At first my hair loved the BS. My hair was super soft after every wash and I rarely had to brush. I did get pretty oily by the fourth or fifth day, but that was a vast improvement over before when I was using shampoo. And I did achieve that slippery feeling people talk about when you first put the bs in your dry hair.

Now, however, even after diluting the BS by a lot (to the point where I literally just take a pinch and add it into 12 oz of water) I'm not getting that slippery feeling anymore. Instead, it just feels like everything clumps up even starting in the shower when I go to rinse the BS. Even worse, once dried my hair has turned gunky, my scalp is itchy and is producing some white gunky stuff, and my once-soft hair feels brittle and dry even when I'm an oil-slick by the fourth or fifth day. I've done nothing more than dilute the BS, while continuing to use 1tbsp ACV/1 cup water rinse every week or so.

I read in some blogs that BS will damage your hair after a while, and unfortunately I think my hair has hit that point. Any advice? I'm not ready to go back to shampoo, as I know how oily it makes me, but I need an alternative. I'm looking into soap nut shampoo right now, and making my own shampoo from soap nut liquid and coconut milk. Anybody have any experience with those?

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That's awesome. I'm glad more people are coming to this realization now. I thought I had somehow done BS/ACV wrong, but it just seemed like no matter how much I diluted nothing worked.

I have a lot of hopes for the Shikakai shampoo bar I ordered. I saw J. R. Liggett at my WF too, and might try that. Do you typically do a ACV rinse after, or do you find that you don't need conditioner?

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