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OK I'm giving it a go...
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00smittenkitten wrote in no_poo
So recently I got into a chat with folks on here regarding going from BS & ACV to water only.

I was reticent, but was concerned about BS damage so having thought it through I decided to give it a go. I'm did my first wash this week and did not condition it with anything, not sure if I should use conditioner, suggestions?

Thanks again for all of the advice.

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I have been using nothing but water to wash my hair for about 4 years now, and it is great! a few times a year I might do an acv rinse (normally when the seasons change and everything is in flux), but love the ease of not having to worry about different treatments. the bs started to be too drying on my hair, and then when I cut that out the acv wasn't necessary. I also will (very) occasionally brew tea to rinse my hair with, or rub a bit of coconut oil through my hair after a shower in the winter. other than that, I find that it is self regulating.

Interesting, where do you live? I'm in SoCal and the water her is hard, I know when I go up to the mountains my hair is very different.

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