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Persistently itchy and dandruff-y scalp
dang33 wrote in no_poo
Hi everyone,

I haven't used ANYTHING in my hair for over a year now. No BS, no ACV, nothing. I've had a dandruff problem my whole life. I thought switching to no poo might solve this problem, but it hasnt. In fact, in the past few months my scalp has gotten itchier and had more dandruff than ever. It always itches (except right after a shower). Any thoughts what I can do? I believe my water is slightly acidic (a pH of a low 6). Should I try and balance that low pH with a base solution (i.e BS)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. My head itches!

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I often cover my scalp in aloe vera gel and let it sit for a while before I shower which makes an amazing difference. I also use honey mixed with water as shampoo, which is moisturizing and mildly anti fungal. My dandruff has gotten about 90% better since switching from shampoo.

I think I will have to try this honey method - thank you! :-)

I had dandruff for years and tried everything. In the end I got a prescription from my GP and it's cleared up. Turns out it was fungal.

how often do you use the prescription? or was it a one time regimen and then your cleared for life?

It's just a shampoo they've given me, which I've been using for about 5 months now? I still only wash my hair once or twice a week (I only went up to twice when I dyed my hair, I'm trying to get back down to once but I get greasy looking faster than before I dyed). My doctor said it would take a few months to really get rid of it, but my prescription is free so we decided to use it for awhile to make sure it is gone gone. Hopefully in a couple of months I can get back into no-poo.

Hey, yes, go to your GP and see if your problem is fungal or eczema or whatever. If it's fungal it should be a one-off treatment, if it's a chronic skin condition then you'll just have to treat it every time it appears.

But to add to that - our skin's ph is meant to be around a 4 so absolutely don't go alkali (BS). If anything try a very diluted acid wash. If you use vinegar and it's fungal then I *think* your head will get even itchier as the fungus rejoices in the sugar. So, to be safe, go with a lemon or citric acid rinse massaged right into your scalp maybe three times this week and see what happens.

I also swear by aloe to relieve all sorts of pain. Just straight aloe, with nothing else in it. And on my own bad days I've massaged tea-tree oil diluted in water before going to bed to ease the itch, that also helps.

I agree with aloe! aloe leaves are available at my local grocery store for less than $2, but I live in a very culturally diverse area so I'm not sure if they're sold at ordinary supermarkets everywhere. any who, I just skin it and throw the gel in a blender until it's all liquid. It will keep refrigerated for about a week.

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