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What can I do differently?
runty_cobra wrote in no_poo
Hello! I've been no-poo about 5-6 months. The first 1-2 months I used the BS/ACV method (I honestly don't remember what the ratios were). My hair did NOT respond well. I got down to using it every 3 days and was doing WO washes everyday in between because, well, I just like to start my day with a shower and I find it refreshing to at least wet my hair. ANYWAY, It completely dried out my roots/scalp and left a weird residue. My hair felt coarse and brittle, so I stopped, did some research and tried a honey wash. I was still following it with an ACV rinse.

I use roughly 2 tbsp of honey mixed with about 12 oz of warm water (just warm enough to be able to mix in the honey) and the ACV rinse is made exactly the same way, though I tend to go a little heavy handed with the honey and light handed with the ACV. I use both of these 3 days a week (basically every other day M-F and skip weekends as I don't care as much how my hair looks) and am still doing WO everyday, except once in a while on the weekends I won't shower at all.

It's not so much that I am unhappy with what I am doing now, but I'm also not happy I just feel I could be doing something better. My hair doesn't look bad but I'm not seeing the results I want to be seeing. I also want to go longer in between but my hair gets sooooo greasy. I also find when I don't do my WO washes everyday my hair is limp and looks even worse.

I have long, very wavy hair that is what I would call normal thickness. I have browsed these forums a bit looking for tips but it seems that everything I find basically just tells me that everyone's hair is different, which I completely agree with but it is leaving me feeling overwhelmed. I found some great tips that I was thinking about trying, using ACV rinse less often (not every time), should I stop rinsing my hair everyday even if it's WO?, glycerin instead of ACV rinses, maybe doing a BS wash once or twice a month, I'm just not sure where to start... I was also finding a surprising lack of people who use honey washes, is this a no-no? I LOVE my honey washes, I wouldn't mind adding something to them (maybe lemon?) but I can't imagine dropping the honey, I use raw local honey for most of my beauty care routine, raw honey is amazing. but i guess that's a separate topic, haha.

I'm looking for some tips or advice, thanks in advance :)

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Lots of people here do no 'poo out of animal consideration/because they're vegan, which makes honey (and also egg washes) unpalatable for them. You might have to be a bit more of a pioneer in honey because of that.

How much BS were you using? The generally accepted maximum ratio is 1 tbsp to 1 cup (8 fl oz) of water (and I think most people, including myself, used 1 tsp instead), so if you were dosing it out like you are with the honey and ACV, that DEFINITELY would have fried your hair.

I was trying to remember, I think I got down to just half a teaspoon or less before I gave up on it.

Then it sounds like you weren't ODing on the BS. Unfortunately, since BS worked pretty well for me, I don't have any other suggestions. Maybe you can browse the tags relevant to your hair:

If you're using something besides WO 3 days a week, that (for me) has been as infrequent as I get, so maybe that's it for you too. To combat greasiness on a bad hair day, I've found corn starch to be an effective solution. Recipe for for a corn starch spritzer that seems to work pretty well:

I have no experience with honey, but I will say this about BS: what helped with the effectiveness of BS for me was sweat. Gross, I know, but if you time your washes after a really intense workout (or whatever), it lathers MUCH easier. (a forum site) has a lot more posts about alternate hair washing methods, although the impression I've gotten is that most of them don't like the bs/acv method (there is a post on it, it just isn't very popular there). I'm sure there are more people doing honey washes there, I know that some people at least use them in a rinse, I've even come across a post where they tried to see if it really did lighten hair with frequent use (only a little, I think).

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