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Dandruff with WO, no-poo for 2 years
diamonddust3 wrote in no_poo
Hi everyone, I have been no poo for two years. It is the best thing I have every done for my hair and it has made my life so much easier. I have very short, thick, straight hair that hasn't been dyed in years. Almost a year ago I started travelling and went WO. I rinse my hair in the shower with diluted ACV or WV (1 tablespoon to 1/2 cup of cold water) and then massage my scalp when I'm done the shower with a dry towel. I was only once every week or two when it starts to look greasy.
Ever since I started no poo I seem to have at least a little bit of dandruff. The past few months the dandruff seems to be quite noticeable. I make sure that I never scratch my scalp with my comb to aggravate the dandruff.
Any thoughts on what might be causing dandruff, and/or suggestions on possible solutions? I should note that I am travelling and unfortunately I have limited access to shampoo/ conditioner ingredients, and it is difficult to get a regular schedule in terms of my water supply and my diet.
Thanks so much!

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Some people report having kind of flakes when starting water-only. Wait and see and check if i's skin irritation or allergy.
It's a bit strange for me, living in Russia, to read about such strong dilutions, because the usual recommendation for hair rinse in Russian articles is 1 tablespoon of vinegar per 1 litre.
Try home remedies and natural masks for the scalp/

I used one tablespoon of vinegar to two cups of water--even two and a half. Try a milder vinegar dilution, because it sounds to me as though your scalp is too dry.

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