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Oil Covered Hay
Purple Flowers
onlyangil wrote in no_poo
I have tried a bunch of things on my hair, and have no idea where to go from here...

I have been no poo for about 7 years.

I think I have hard water, and I swim in a non-chlorine salt water pool a few times a week now it is summer (but this has been this way for a while). I use a wood pin brush, and a boars hair brush on my hair daily. I use ACV and sesame, not together, oil 2 or 3 times a week on the tips of my wet hair about 4 inches up. I wash with honey weekly, with egg white each BS once a month. (So, W1 honey and BS, W2 honey, W3 honey and egg white, W4 honey.) When I use the yoke it makes my hair very stiff and brittle. I tried beer on my hair to set pin curls and it make my hair a tinny bit softer, but mostly just frizzy and stiff. These events leave me worried about protein, therefore I avoid coconut oil and avocado.

I have lightened my hair at a salon some 9+m.s ago (and to tell the truth it is after the tec "forgot" and washed my hair that trouble really started). It was a level 10 in the front and a level 9 in the back which I hennaed and wonderful light red. Recently lightened the over grown roots from a level 2 to an 8 with peroxide, v30, and BS and dyed with Ion Violet, and as it faded redyed Gentian Violet. I also have done a a vit. c treatment on my hair to try and pull the color out, as the purples on the yellow blond made brown. Ick. I am planing on doing another vit. c treatment, possible a vodka treatment (and if needed a prox, v20ish and bs) to see if I can pull the GV out any more before dye it again.

I do not feel that I have ruined my hair, even if these are all drying/damaging events. I have very few split ends, and my hair is strong enough to tie in a knot! However it will tangle like a MoFo unless braid or curl it before bed, and untangle it by hand before I brush it at night. They only times it has really felt soft recently was a few months ago I was at a hotel and showed WO. Each time I change what I do with my hair it feel a little better then goes back to oil covered hay.

I am so lost! I really want to cry!!

P.S. If you have any ideas about getting the brown to a dyeable level let me know that too... lol.

My hair to day seems softer, and ever so slightly less oily - in parts, the thinner parts. My bathroom is being remodeled and the pool had a leak, so it has been a few days nice I got my hair Nice and Wet/Washed. Is this just really build up from hard water? It isn't "waxy". I feel like it aught to be something more.

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Hey - I sympathize with the whole "hay covered in oil" feeling, it's definitely happened to me. Ok, so having said that, it sounds like he combo of hard water, BS, pool, peroxide, and vit-c treatments must have just been too much - as all of those things tend to make hair more brittle. I would stop using BS and ACV, maybe go for a low-poo shampoo bar that's deeply conditioning for a while to get your hair back into shape (or check out other washing methods like coconut milk or soapnuts), and cover your hair in coconut oil and a cap before heading into the pool. I know it seems counterintuitive considering how oily your hair might be feeling right now - so keep brushing, keep your hair up for now or maybe even trim it, and just sweat out another transition. Good luck!

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