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No poo help?
alphieboo wrote in no_poo
Hi, I've been no poo for about 2 weeks now, and I really struggled not to give up today.

Basically, I've been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair and I got that horrible waxy feeling, my hair felt like waxy straw, my hands felt like they were covered in gunk when I touched my hair, and it just felt a bit like one massive clump of hair.

After doing some research, I saw that washing their hair with eggs helped some people, so that's what I did today, rather than give up. I was a bit silly though - so after washing it with two whole eggs, despite it feeling great, I still went ahead and used a little bit of baking soda at the roots of my hair because my hair didn't feel clean. I did a acv rinse as normal.

So, it's drying at the moment, and the bits that i didnt use baking soda on are not waxy at all, so thank goodness that's been fixed. They're also shiny, although a sort of dry looking and feeling, and slightly brittle feeling. The baking soda top layer of hair feels waxy - so at least I know its the baking soda and my hard water not agreeing that's causing it!

However, I used to have silky, straight, shiny hair (that I definitely should have appreciated more at the time!), and my hair when i was using shampoo, since I hit the age of about 14 (I'm 19 now), was dry, frizzy,wavy, soft but sort of fluffy feeling? I can deal with hormones or whatever having made my hair wavier but I desperately long for those silky locks! Even now, after the egg wash, I feel like its sort of fluffy.

My problem with using eggs is that -
1. I cannot stand the smell, although having said that, if it gave me shiny silky hair, I dont care. But has anyone got any ideas as to what could help?
2. It's not giving me shiny silky hair - is that just me being impatient? Should I just give it more time? Has anyone got any alternatives?
3. I dont know if this is just because I was being rough, but I still seem to lose a lot of hair when i brush it, although conisderably less than when i used the baking soda. Anyone using eggs have this problem?
4. Eggs are so expensive. Is there anything like eggs, which seem to just be so so so gentle on my hair but cheaper?

I was going to ask should I give baking soda another go, with distilled water, but even by writing all of this out I seem to have answered my own question and decided that I'm not it's biggest fan. It's so strange because I seem to be loving eggs, but hating them at the same time - I think it's because I'm so happy that it feels clean and not clumpy and waxy, as if I have washed it with shampoo, but now i'm thinking right ok and trying to find the right shampoo that will make my hair perfect. If that makes any sense whatsoever. Haha.

Sorry about the absolute essay!! I just want to find something that will make my hair healthy and strong and shiny. (And not fluffy. I hate that so much) Thanks!


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