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My First Hello - 7 Days No-Poo (Water Only)
hollygrail wrote in no_poo
Hi Folks!

I am a long-time lurker of this site, but am dropping in to say hello now that I've finally joined the community... and finally took the no-poo plunge over the holidays with Water Only! After reading a gazillion and one no-poo, curlygirl, water-only posts I thought I knew somewhat what to expect. And then was totally thrown for a loop!

I know, just 7 days I am a fresh noob who's barely gone on the first loop of the no poo rollercoaster but here's my story so far. I have fine, curly (2c, 3a?), below-the-shoulders hair that has always struggled to look awesome and was super hard to grow long as it would break and look all straggley (plus I was a bleach blonde for years). I'm in the process of growing all my natural colour back, and being a bit of a hippie trying to go as natural as possible in my household. Over the holidays I decided to give water-only washing a try (giving my sad break-y hair what I`m hoping is it`s best chance at being lush and beautiful).

So I expected a be kind of greasy and limp for a while... but HECK NO. It`s voluminous, big, soft, and fluffy n frizzy to beat hell! So do a 180 and my challenge is to keep my head from being a giant fluffball rather than the greaseball I anticipated. I`ve deep conditioned halfway through the week with coconut oil overnight, and made a rosemary tea spray with a bit of essential oil in it for touch-ups. I am not sure yet if it's helped though. So right now I'm trying to go as long as possible without so much as getting my hair wet to see what happens.

So while this is mostly just a "howdy" I do have a very few questions:

1. Anyone else experienced this insta-super-frizz-fluff and know what I'm in for over the next few weeks?
2. Is there any downside to an overnight coconut oil mask? (Could it have some weird effect like the too-often egg wash?)
3. Boar bristle brush: Being fine and curly I am worried about breakage. Will a wooden comb have the same effect of pulling sebum down my hair shaft?

Thanks :) So very nice to be here, this site is chock-full of usefulness!

-Holly Grail

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Hi all. Just wanted to share what has been working fairly well for me the last 2 years. Dilluted ACV. Just fill a jar with a few swigs of Acv add water then pour over all your hair getting each area of the scalp. Massage then rinse. Days in between are just water.Baking soda never worked for me. Just dried out my hair and made it hard to brush. Sometimes I put some essential oil on my hair for a nice smell. Hairdresser says my hair is very thick and healthy.

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