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Fluffy roots?
morigirl9 wrote in no_poo
Hello everyone! I joined livejournal to write this so please let me know if I do something wrong!>.<

I'd really appreciate any advice - I'm kinda stuck right now! I've been no poo since around February 2014, so about a year and a half, but it's like I'm still transitioning! ;o;

I'll just say right now that I have quite curly hair (the lengths) and I'm mixed race. My hair is a mixture of black&white (race not colour) hair so it's rather strange haha, though it's closer to white than black. The length/ends are naturally dry whilst my roots are naturally oily. My hair is brown if that matters.

I never really had the moment that everyone describes as when your hair magically becomes perfect (lol) at the end of the transition, it's always just been icky at the roots and every so often it was alright.

I started off with baking soda and ACV, once every week or two I think. I also tried substituting ACV with lemon juice, but I don't think it worked as well. I also attempted honey, but it made my hair so nasty and oily (though this was still during the 'transition period') I'm 16 and still at school so I put up with a fair amount of humiliation, but my hair has never really looked nice& was always frizzy so I just endured it in the hope that my hair would be healthier and look nicer eventually. Occasionally I felt my hair looked ok and was fairly confident, I think the nicest it looked was when I used a mixture of 1 egg yolk/white. Egg hasn't really worked though the few times I used it after that.

I also have been trying water only since around Christmas, because I was worried about the baking soda being harmful due to the PH/harshness. My roots are always flat and gross, but the length of my hair has been very poofy (in a good way), fluffy and curly. The ends are damaged though because I have to drag a boar bristle brush through the curls/knots. The roots are gross from using cocoa powder to keep the oily appearance under control. After trying water only I got dandruff which I read was from sebum (or something?) so I tried baking soda&ACV again and the dandruff went.

I don't want to stop no poo, it's made my hair softer and I believe it's better than shampoo. I used shampoo two or three times when it was unavoidable, but afterwards my hair was so dry&it was much harder to untangle compared to when I no poo. If anyone knows a safe way to get fluffy roots with volume I'd appreciate it if you would share your knowledge with me!

Thanks for reading!

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Hi there,

I henna my hair every couple of months and find the roots are really nice afterwards for a good week but eventually they still go flat and a bit greasy even if the rest looks fine. I've been without shampoo for 7 years and there are some things you have to compromise on. However have you tried using shikaki? It's another powdered plant and a 'natural shampoo'. The instructions will tell you to make a paste, put it on, leave 5 mins then wash out, however it's just as effective (and much cheaper) if you make a thin mixture with less powder, pour it on wet hair, lather, then rinse out (WO or dilute ACV, up to you). You can also put it in your hair, wash the rest of your body, then rinse at the end of the shower.

Of course it might not work for you- everyone's got different hair and water quality but you could get a small amount for a couple of pounds and see how it goes. By the way, I've never used a boar bristle brush so if it's not really working with your curly hair give it a rest for a while and see if there's an improvement. Several people on here put coconut oil on the ends of their hair to prevent split ends but you'll have to cut off existing ones. You can get it from international food shops pretty cheaply.

I never had a magic moment either :)

Edited at 2015-08-03 08:33 am (UTC)

Baking soda IS extremely harsh. I used it for about a year, but after I dreadlocked my hair, I realized how brittle it made it, like they wanted to break (and it left residue). I've switched mostly to a rosemary decoction, which helps with dandruff. You boil the rosemary in the water (as opposed to steeping after it's boiled, like a tea). If I'm in a hurry, I'll use vinegar (ACV or white), but I really like the rosemary decoction. It's done really wonderful things for my hair, and I haven't had dandruff issues since I started using it.

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