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Still trying to find my groove
miamibfly wrote in no_poo
Hi! I am very greatfull for all of the postings that have helped or inspired me along my journey of no-poo! But I seem to be in a rut and not sure how to get out. I hope someone might read my post and have some advice to share :)

I went no-poo 6 months ago and I am having little success keeping away the waxy/gunky/heavy feeling.

hair type: blonde, type 2a-b down to mid back
Water: using shower head filter. high pressure during wash/scrub
brushing: scritch and preen 2x week. BBB using every other day, cleaning after every use with bronner's soap, every day to style using neem wood comb.
lifestyle: 3x week doing yoga and usually washing/rinsing hair after

1. Bakingsoda-ACV routine - cleans hair well, but dries hair out and breaks at the root. EEEEEK!! I am NOT going back to this.
2. Honey-wash/ACV-rinse - waxy/greasy
3. Bentonite/ACV/honey wash +/- acid rinse (ACV or chamomile )- I tried to tweak with different amounts of ingredients. End result was that my hair just kept getting more heavy/gunky/waxy.
4. Whole egg - whoa, can we say mess of straw?
5. egg-yolk only wash (after a coconut mask) and finally felt like my hair was cleaner. It actually made suds on my head! but still had a slight slick feeling after dry, so not ideal. (plus its not really a sustainable choice of hairwash)

After the egg wash 3 weeks ago, I decided to try WO, thinking my scalp/hair was just overreacting to the things I was putting on it. I have followed all the tips, and I am slowly building up the gunk/waxy feeling. ARRGGHH!!
I am averaging WO wash every 3 days, and I have done 2 egg-yolk washes (no coconut mask) which bring things to a manageable level, but not ideal. I was hoping it was still transitioning to WO, but it seems that might not be the case. After WO when my hair is dry, it already feels gunky. I am so frustrated, and I don't want to give up.
Please, any advice might help me!

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Are you cleaning your brush or your hair with soap? I had the worst hair ever after cleaning my hair with soap and took about a week to get back to normal.

Are you washing your hair every day? That might be too often. I wash my hair every 2 - 3 days.

thanks for the reply mmarques!
I have not used soap on my hair. I am using bronners castille plain soap. It was the only thing that seemed able to combat the sebum collecting on my brushes.
I don't think that the sebum production is related to my brushes, as it seems to build up even if I skip brushing.

I am wondering if I am still adjusting after quitting the clay method. I washed with eggyolk and it seems it is taking longer to look gunky/waxy at the roots.
I usually try to go 3-4 days between washing. But it always seems the WO washes don't do much for to remove the sebum at the scalp/base. (even with high pressure, filtered water)

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