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ACVR, Conditioner afterwards?
kmn_0mhn wrote in no_poo
Hello everyone, I have some questions about the no poo method, ACVR, the use of any conditioner afterwards, if anyone feels like their hair is dry/ frizzy after using ACV with no BS and what oils if any should or could I add to the conditioning of my hair and if from what my experience is what i am doing is correct. Any help/ feed back / comments is greatly appreciated and thank you for reading my post.

A little bit about my No Poo experience, I'm Japanese with thick wavy oily hair that is shoulder length. I've switched to the no poo method for about 3 weeks now and this is my second time trying because while using store bought hair products I could feel that after 2 days my hair would feel very oily and heavy and even if I put it up in a bun or pony tail the top of my scalp would feel tender by the end of the day as if my hair was too heavy to be put up. Another reason why I went No poo is because I am trying to grow out my hair but at a certain length it feels like it just stops growing even after every 2 months I get a trim to cut off the dead or damaged parts. I also noticed that in the shower and when I brush my hair I lose a lot of hair due to breakage. I tried the No Poo method a few months ago for the first time with shampoo soap bars from chagrin valley and I experienced some few pros and cons: Pros: I could see my individual strands of hair becoming stronger and less prone to breakage after the first 2 weeks, my hair grew longer and quickly by a few inches within a few months (from shoulder length to belly button length) and within 2-3 months I had noticed that I no longer had hair breakage when I took a shower. Another note I made was when I put my hair up after a day, the top of my scalp didn't feel tender. Con's: it did take 2-3 weeks for the "transition period" to be over and done with which felt really greasy and gross to the touch, and after I used the shampoo bar I read somewhere on some sites that it wasn't entirely necessary to use conditioner if I used a Homeopathic chemical free shampoo bar so I didn't for a while. In doing so after each wash it was hard to brush through my hair without knots due to a grungy feeling of build up that it made brushing my hair a long tedious nightmare, so I found a organic chemical free conditioner that seemed to get the grunge feeling out and return my hair brushing experience to manageable BUT the conditioner made my hair feel somewhat heavy afterwards as apposed to using no conditioner. After my hair was the length that I wanted I damaged it beyond repair by dying it and perming it that to the touch even after an expensive deep conditioning treatment my hair had a "crunchy" feeling at the ends when I rubbed them in between my fingers and ended up chopping it off into a bob hair cut. I just couldn't take the feeling of dead crispy hair leaning against my back anymore.

Now after resuming the no poo method I have tried using ACVR after i use my shampoo bar and here's my experience of the pros and cons. Pros: it gets rid of the build up left over by the shampoo bar, it makes my hair look very shiny without looking or feeling oily, it's a great detangler, and I don't need to wash my hair but 2x a week if that because of my hair feeling oily. Cons: the ACVR has a very strong smell when my hair is wet and if I sweat during the in between days the smell of AVC in my hair comes back, my hair feels clean and less prone to breakage yes but it feels and looks dry. (Ps I forgot to mention my shower head does have a water filter because where I live we do have hard water and I read that soft water is better for hair and skin, also in my mixture of ACVR I use cold water and wash with warm and I leave the ACVR in as a leave in ) Does anyone have any suggestions to Hair I can make my hair feel less dry? or what can I use to condition it? I have tried pure unfiltered organic coconut oil cold pressed and rubbed that in my hair but it makes my hair look really oily, also i have tried morrocon oil and though it absorbs better than the coconut oil without making my hair look greasy it does make me need to wash my hair 3x a week.
Any advise would be helpful and sorry about the long post. Thank you

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I used to like Morrocan oil until i found out it was mostly silicone. Yuck. That means more work for no-poo method to clean your hair as now you have to strip it.

If i have to add something to my hair, i just use aloe vera combed into my hair directly or diluted with a tiny bit of water. The aloe vera brand i use is by aubrey organic and is NOT sticky.

I have a similiar hair type to you, as I am mixed race. The oiliness of my hair makes it a challenge to do traditional baking soda and ACV no-poo method. I have instead used other methods that work better and abandoned baking soda. YMMV. I live in a hard water and alkaline water area which wrecks havoc on hair. None of these methods have a break-in period. If they work for you, you should get perfect hair from the get-go.

This is what worked for me:

1.) rye flour shampoo- if you are only mildly oily, this works like a dream. I alternate between this and the other ones because it is so conditioning. Take about 2-3 tbsp of SIFTED rye flour ( use only 100% rye no substitutes!) and add hot water to it until it becomes a runny paste. You may add a tbsp of vodka or whisky alcohol to it for added oil cleansing and shine. Wash your hair with it. Rinse under shower scrubbing briskly with a shampoo brush to get all particles out. Final Rinse with distilled water.

2.) amla and shikakai powder mixed together - purchase these powders at Indian grocery or on amazon. They are inexpensive. Add hot water untl they make a thin paste. Wash hair with it. Rinse out under shower scrubbing briskly with shampoo brush to get all particles out. Final Rinse with distilled water. This is my preferred methods of no-poo. I usually add aloe vera to my hair at this stage if it feels at all tangley.

3.) yucca powder - 1 tbsp of yucca powder placed into an old small water bottle. Add distilled water about 1-2 cups depending on hair length. Shake like mad until foam happens! Pour onto head and wash. Scrub briskly with shampoo brush under shower head. Compared to #2 this formula is gentler and gives more body. Your hair should be super fluffy.

Tools for success:

1. Get a shampoo brush! Marvvy is my fave but there are others. I like it because it is soft and not made of hard sharp plastic. Use what works for you. This saves your nails and really gets oil out from just the scalp. Most of my oilness is just on the scalp not the ends so really i just wash the scalp. That way the natural oils on the ends can stay there.

2. Use distilled water to make up formulations and as final rinse. I learned this from a hair dresser. They use special purified water to rinse hair. Tap water in my area will make anybody's hair look frazzled and ugly.

3. Use a microfiber towel to dry hair. Dont rub hair dry as it makes more frizz, knots, and tangles. Pat your hair and let the towel absorb.

Thank you very much for the advise, will defineteley start trying these methods. What about the acv rinse should I stop that completely?

When you mix the amla and shikakai powders what is the ratio to water that you use? also the same goes with the rye flour shampoo?

I am not sure of the ratio of water but it should look like a thin pudding consistency.

The rye flour should be a thicker pudding consistency.

You shouldn't need ACV rinse because amla is very acidic and will counter basic water. P.S. DO NOT GET AMLA IN EYES. It's not dangerous just annoying.
You could use ACV with yucca or rye but you shouldn't really need it unless your hair is still a tangled mess.

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